The 4C's to Social Media Success

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2020

So you’re finally ready to launch your social media career and advertise the services that your small business offers, but there’s one thing stopping you. . . you don’t know-how. Through my experience, I have developed a very simple philosophy to build a solid foundation for your Social Media called “The 4Cs of Social Media”.

The first “C” is courage. Chances are if you’ve had a small business for a long time you have copious amounts of your own experiences and insights. This useful information, that you already possess, can help you build a customer base on social media if you share it the right way - genuinely. Yes, it will take courage, but when you come across sharing what you know to be true, your audience will also believe what you are saying with the same enthusiasm. 

The next  “C” is content. Sometimes at this step, you will face something called a content block, or not being able to figure out what to...

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