The Bold Method:

These two passionate individuals, Giselle and Ruben, make up Bold Insta-tute, a resource that focuses on your social media success. Yes, the skills take time to develop, but if they can do it and make a fantastic career in it, you can do it and build your business. Everyone has equal opportunity and a seat at the table. Branding is not just for the fortune 500; it is for the individual who invests the time to share authentically and invest in curating their social media community. . . . If you are reading this and have come this far to decide on diving into building your influence and community on social media... jump! Ruben, 57, and Giselle, 47, are no strangers to the long learning curve. Giselle had to be savvy in learning the skills for her clients when she was a successful Publicist. Still, Ruben had a long road before grasping social media's power, but he surpassed Giselle's skills in many areas when he did. That is what the duo wants for you; to exceed their abilities and be limitless. Ruben and Giselle love to highlight some of their goodies from their store. "Build a 10-Day Social Media Campaign" is such an impactful course because it teaches you how to use a few pieces of content to create an entire campaign across four social platforms. Allow me to help you eliminate the overwhelm in the journey of building your influence and community. You matter! Your message is needed by a tribe that needs o know you you exist. "Build your Own Instagram Show" is a fun course with great examples of how you can create your own show! Do not wait for a network like BRAVO or the HGTV to come calling. Create it yourself! Did you know there is an 8-minute series of shows on a network called Quibi? The same thing as the network called "Your Instagram," so get to it! We believe in you!

Build a 10-Day Social Media Campaign

Learn how to take one hour a week and create ten pieces of content to share across four social media platforms. The art is behind learning how to put into long-form content the value the people you serve experience. Then, I teach you how to create two straightforward and beautiful ads on canva.com. Once you have those tools, you do a video reciting your "story." Now, it is time to map out your social media posts for 10-15 days. Sounds crazy, right! Let me help you build engaging content that shows your core customer your magic and how it enhances their life! The great news if you need to go back to the Canva module or the long-form framework module, you have this course FOREVER. Ready to allow me to extract your magic and teach you how to share it with the world?

Build your OWN (Instagram) SHOW!

Confidence, Content, and Consistency are the magic of building your brand on Instagram! How are you going to accomplish this? Decide on an apparent “show” idea. Start by asking yourself, “What is my intention” and then bring your magic to life with a TV SHOW with Weekly Episodes. This is a fan-building golden nugget that will give your audience a real sense of your purpose. An IGTV Show will set you apart from your competitors and give your brand a unique flavor! Ready to be a STAR?!

The 4C's to Social Media Success: The Course

So you’re finally ready to launch your social media career and advertise the services that your small business offers, but there’s one thing stopping you. . . you don’t know-how. Through my experience, I have developed a very simple philosophy to build a solid foundation for your Social Media called “The 4Cs of Social Media”.

The first “C” is courage. Chances are if you’ve had a small business for a long time you have copious amounts of your own experiences and insights. This useful information, that you already possess, can help you build a customer base on social media if you share it the right way - genuinely. 

The next  “C” is content. Sometimes at this step, you will face something called a content block, or not being able to figure out what to post. The biggest thing you should keep in mind is to post a variety of different things. You are trying to create an experience for your followers, and that experience becomes richer when you create aesthetically interesting content that makes your friends and followers want to know what you’re doing. 

Community is the third “C” and the one that takes commitment to invest in others and being strategic to curate your social media. There are fool-proof methods I have created to build a vibrant and fruitful community. 

The final “C”, and also my favorite one, is consistency. This is very important, if not the most important, for strengthening your social media skill. If you are lacking in confidence or content, being consistent is the only way to improve. Practice makes progress

Social media is real. The relationships you build are real even if they are virtual. We live in a time of virtual communication and just like traditional methods, the impact is as genuine as your intent. This course comes with a BONUS! You get the "Build a 10-Day Social Media Campaign" for FREE because I want your success! This combination is POWERFUL!

Giselle Mascarenhas-Villarreal


Giselle is a recovering publicist who is now your personal-branding coach! She serves those who are asking themselves, "How am I supposed to do what I do and add creating content, posting and replying on social media?" or the human who is like, "I am too busy to learn a whole new thing!" Yup, Giselle serves those awesome peeps and loves giving them the tools and the framework to build their influence and community across social platforms. Most importantly, teaching them how to do it with consistency. By carving out a couple of hours a month to create content, and a few minutes a day to engage with their thriving community.

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Ruben O. Villarreal


Ruben is a recovering politician who is Giselle's most significant accomplishment and is your most powerful testimony. Ruben wanted to be accessible as a Mayor. With the help of his partner (and if you didn't know by now, his wife), who was a publicist and an avid social media user, he took her direction and became just that, accessible.  So, approachable, the Discovery Channel came knocking on his door to be the "Border Expert" on the tv show "Border Live." How did they find Ruben? Social Media. 


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